Surry Hills Accommodation

Its proximity to Sydney City and easy transport options draws many thousands of travellers a year to the wide range of Surry Hills accommodation providers. Whether you are a corporate boss or a backpacker you should easily find a bed for a night or more.

Resort-style apartments are very popular with many people. These have a view over the neighbouring Sydney centre, north toward the harbour, east to the always "trendy" Paddington and Bondi, south to Botany Bay and west over the city sprawl.

From the earliest days, Surry Hills hotels and bed and breakfast establishments, then known as boarding houses, were important resources on the Sydney accommodation scene.

Over the years, apartments from studio to executive and resort styles, backpacker hostels and superbly renovated terrace houses have sprung up, giving people new options.

If you are budget conscious you may prefer to stay in Surry Hills as rates may be a little cheaper compared with Sydney centre accommodation.

Demand must force up prices and Surry Hills certainly has been through many waves of popularity.

A newly renovated Surry Hills hotel - and there are many - could be just the place to find that special touch of Sydney's warmth with its "real" people. Or try a B&B. Surry Hills has a fine tradition of hospitality. Welcome!

Surry Hills History


Surry Hills history has always been very colourful over the years due to its popularity and close proximity to Sydney City. surry hills history >>

Surry Hills Restaurants


Surry Hills Bars range from the Gaelic Club, to Forresters bar Surry Hills where you can get a cheap steak. surry hills restaurants >>

Surry Hills Accommodation


Surry Hills accommodation options reflect the diversity of the Sydney area. Within a very short distance you can locate a wide range of accommodation. surry hills accommodation >>