Surry Hills Restaurants

Chances are that when a Sydney City office worker folds up their spectacles after a hard day's work they will head for their favourite Surry Hills restaurant, café, pub or bar.

Every city needs somewhere like Surry Hills to cater for everyone's taste and budget. But few are lucky enough to have such a genuine range of cuisine, ethnic cultures and relaxation options.

Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, Russian, African, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Mauritian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, American, Cajun...

You can take your pick. Surry Hills has the lot.

If the prospect of superb food of Mediterranean, European, Asian or other foreign style fails to get your juices flowing, rest assured that lots of Surry Hills cafes and restaurants specialise in "modern Australian" but incorporate popular themes from other cultures. So everyone in the dining party should be happy.

Surry Hills' location near the centre of Sydney with many transport options makes it a good starting point for any expedition into the city's dining scene.

But people are fussy when it comes to something so close to their hearts as their stomachs, so you might like to take time to read review websites and print material before making your booking.

Reviews posted on restaurant windows and noticeboards are always a good pointer. Or just follow the hungry "locals".

Surry Hills History


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Surry Hills Restaurants


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Surry Hills Accommodation


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